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Welcome to the Fall edition of Oncology and Hematology Review (US) featuring a wide range of timely and concise review articles on some of the most important topics in the field. Kumar et al. explore maintenance therapy in multiple myeloma, whilst Davies et al. look at the causes and risks of thyroid cancer. Koreth and Tsokos et al. review low-dose IL-2 in automimmune disease, and Palta et al. explore US and European approaches to radiotherapy in the treatment of rectal cancer. This edition also features articles on thrombocytopenia, chronic myeloid leukemia, breast cancer, head and neck cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumors and supportive care. We hope you enjoy this issue, and that it provides useful information relevant to your practice and interests.

Foreword – Oncology & Hematology Review, 2014;10(2):79

Foreword – Oncology & Hematology Review, 2014;10(2):79

Thyroid Cancer

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