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European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC 12)

<strong>European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC 12)</strong>

The goal of EBCC-12 is to promote the establishment and implementation of a European multidisciplinary platform for scientific exchanges about all aspects of breast cancer, from bench to bed side.

Facilitating the presentation of ground-breaking breast cancer research results, EBCC-12 ensures a broad and diverse range of experts and speakers from all over the world to discuss, debate and showcase the latest practice changing data.

Be part of a unique gathering of physicians, scientists and patients to continue advancing the rapid translation of clinical research into practice.

Reasons to attend:

  • New & stimulating scientific programme mapping the breast cancer journey.
  • Unique meeting driving the work of multidisciplinary breast teams.
  • Continue advancing the rapid translation of clinical research into practice.
  • Driving the agenda for patient advocacy efforts.
  • New, practice changing data gets global visibility.




Further Resources

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