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Paisley Myers

Paisley Trantham Myers graduated with her PhD in Analytical Biochemistry from the University of Virginia in 2016. Her graduate work under Professor Donald F Hunt utilized cutting-edge mass spectrometry and enrichment technology to identify aberrantly phosphorylated tumor antigens presented by HLA class I molecules at the cell surface. Her contribution to the phospho-immunopeptidome discovery research led to the identification of hundreds of cancer-associated phosphopeptide tumor targets, which were then licensed to Agenus. She continues this work, in her current role as a Senior Scientist at Agenus, characterizing the aberrant phospholigandome associated with cancer development and progression. This discovery work is the foundation for Agenus’ PhosphoSynVax™ vaccine platform, which is designed to produce novel off-the-shelf therapeutics that educate the immune system to recognize and kill tumor cells, promoting lasting anti-tumor immunity and improved overall survival.

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